hello, please, what is the difference in use and meaning between ( Therefore & Thus )
for example: can I say ..... this method was confusing because storms do not stay in the same place.( therefore\thus ) people developed other ways to identify them.
thank you in advance.
1 thus ~ in this way (in the way just described)
2 therefore ~ because of this (because of what has just been described)

In many cases both words can be used in the same context.
It depends whether you want to emphasize manner (1) or reason (2).

1 With tougher cuts of meat, we use liquid in cooking. Thus, the meat becomes more tender.
2 There was a car accident that created a traffic jam. Therefore, Peter was late for the meeting.

In 1, we focus on the manner of cooking.
In 2, we focus on the reason for the lateness.

Therefore and thus are synonymous here. When they occur at the beginning of a sentence, they are
commonly followed by a comma.

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ok thank you Regards. but can you please help me more, and tell me if there is a special use or rule to use them. ...... thank you again
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I got it now ,, thank you very much.
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