I'm looking for a good thesaurus to find alternative phrases to words like those below:

during = in the course of
through = by way of
misunderstand = get one wrong
understand = make sense of
attract = appeal to
fast, quickly = in a hurry
nevertheless = just the same
equivalent to = nothing less than
prepare = make ready
deal with, approach = address oneself to
finished = through

It would be good if the thesaurus includes both American and British phrases.

Currently, I'm looking at these 3 books:

1. Oxford Thesaurus of English
2. Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus
3. Collins Roget’s International Thesaurus.

Does anyone have any comments on these books or any recommendations? Thanks.
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Eimai_AnglosI use "Nisus Thesaurus" on my Apple Mac. It was free to download, AFAIR.
1. Does the application work in documents and files offline as well as for websites and online browsing? 
2. Does anyone know if there is an equivalent for PCs?