I'm looking for a good thesaurus to find alternative phrases to words like those below:

during = in the course of
through = by way of
misunderstand = get one wrong
understand = make sense of
attract = appeal to
fast, quickly = in a hurry
nevertheless = just the same
equivalent to = nothing less than
prepare = make ready
deal with, approach = address oneself to
finished = through

It would be good if the thesaurus includes both American and British phrases.

Currently, I'm looking at these 3 books:

1. Oxford Thesaurus of English
2. Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus
3. Collins Roget’s International Thesaurus.

Does anyone have any comments on these books or any recommendations? Thanks.
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I swear by Roget's-- so much so that I haven't even looked at the others. My 1936 edition doesn't have 'in the course of' as a synonym for 'during'. Do the other two? I would think that most thesauri were a bit short on the function words.
I like "Roget's International Thesaurus".


during, pending, durante [law]; in the course of, in the process of, in the middle of; in the time of, at the time of, in the age or era of, intra-; over, through, throughout, throughout the course of, for the period of; until the conclusion of.


"finished" splits into eleven entries: accomplished, completed, dead, elegant, ended, past, perfected, polished, ruined, symmetric, used up.

"completed" itself expands into:

completed, done, finished, concluded, terminated, ended, finished up; cleaned up or wound up or wrapped up or mopped up [all informal]; washed up [informal], through, done with; all said and done, all over but the shouting; perfective.

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I guess I need an upgrade...
Hi Mister Micawber and CalifJim,

Thanks for your replies. Of the first 2 books mentioned, Oxford gave the most 'hits'; I suspect it should have no problem with "during = in the course of". Getting to the right word or phrase is also pretty direct, as it is in 'dictionary style'.

I do find Roget's comprehensive as well, but I've not checked it out thoroughly yet. From my last experience, I find it rather circuitous -- sometimes I actually gave up. And -- maybe the version I've seen is rather old -- some phrases couldn't be found. Do you know of any version that is more user-friendly and up-to-date? Thanks.
I use "Nisus Thesaurus" on my Apple Mac. It was free to download, AFAIR.

It's really easy to use; I simply drag the mouse to highlight a word then select "Thesaurus" from the menu bar and all the alternatives appear in a pop-up window.Emotion: smile

It works in *** application, too.
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Yes, Oxford is good. Try Theasarus.com, it provides you with entries taken from different versions of Roget, it's not as easy to use as Oxford is, nonetheless, it's helpful.
Thanks you for your replies.

Fyi, I tried "during" in Thesaurus.com, but it didn't give "in the course of".

knock it out of the park

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