I've noticed myself saying "these ones" a lot. Is there a grammar rule against saying this? An example of how I use it is at work somebody will ask me what I'm working on and I'll say "I'm working on these ones."
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Drop the "ones" and just say "these". "These" already means "the ones here", so you are really saying "the ones here ones" when you say "these ones"! Emotion: smile

(Even worse would be "the ones here here ones": "these here ones"!)

California Jim
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Am I actually breaking any grammar rules though? If so, then which one?
The rule it breaks is the rule of forbidden combinations.
In this case the forbidden combinations are "these ones" and "those ones". Emotion: wink

By the way, "this one" and "that one" are not forbidden combinations.

Hope that helps!

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I noticed that according to others on the forum, no rule is broken, and "these ones" is OK.
I've heard people say it, but it sounds wrong to me!
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