I made some sentences, but I am not sure whether they are right or not.
If you find something wrong in Grammar or vocabulary, help me check them.
Thank you very much.101

1. Art is a mirror through which it can reflect traditional cultures and existing
social problems.

2. I watched a play called “The rich exploit the poor’’ performed by Love Theater.

3.The serious problem of poverty gap has been growing and widened
between the rich and the poor and between the first world countries and the
third world countries.

4.The connotative meaning of play suggested exploited laborers who
work hard live on the edge of destitution; employers who do nothing
live a wealthy life.
2. perhaps "the Love Theater" ? Still reasonable though without the 'the'. And all caps on the title as well.

3. "...of the poverty gap growing and widening between..."
You can also shorten it to "...between the first and third world countries." Repeating is usually not encouraged in English.

4. "...the play..." You must have a 'the' because, well, errmmm, because without it, it sounds like you're describing the play button on a DVD player or something. Remember 'the' functions as a replacement for a proper noun, or a name or something. Like:
Jane is a student.
The girl is a student.

The connotative meaning of "The Rich Exploit the Poor"....
The connotative meaning of the play...

Something like that.
Hi Wang,

I revised your posted sentenses and to make them sound and flow more naturally.

1. Art is a mirror through which traditional cultures and

social problems can be reflected. - Due to the context of your original, I used the passive voice.

2. I watched a play performed [at] by The Love

Theater called “The Rich Exploit The Poor” - I hope that's what you meant!

3. The widening economic gaps between the rich and the poor and the developed and third-world countries is creating serious poverty problems.- Your sentence was understandable but too drawning out and awkward so I revised it make it flow better.

4.The connotative meaning of [the] play suggested exploited laborers who

[had] worked hard [ was living] on the edge of destitution, [and] employers who [did ] nothing [lived] a wealthy life.- I hope this is what you tried to convey as well!

Hope that's helps!