hi everybody!
i need to write an insight paper about a topic i did not know anything about. i decided to write about introduction. here is what i found online:
Every essay has three parts: a beginning, a middle, and an end. The beginning is also called the introduction. The introduction has two main purposes: to draw the reader in and make him/her want to read more, and to prepare the reader for the direction that the essay is going to take.
The introduction usually has three parts:
1. The grabber (or lead) consists of several sentences that pull the reader into the essay.
2. The transitional sentence (optional) connects the lead to the thesis statement.
3. The thesis statement is a single sentence that states the main idea of the essay.
There are many types of grabbers (also referred to as leads, motivators, or openers) that you can use to start your essay.

Startling fact or opinion:

Rhetorical question:


could you help me to develope a thesis statement about grabbers? i think it is a good topic to talk about and i can find planty of info about it. or maybe you could give me some suggestions what can i write about introduction. i need only 4 pages of text, APA style. ireally dont know which way to follow in this insight paper.


You need to study, analyze and - most of all - think about the topic of grabbers.
Then you need to think of a statement about grabbers that is interesting and as original as possible. This will be your thesis. The rest of your essay is an attempt to prove that your thesis is correct.

So, what are some interesting opinions that you have about grabbers?

It would also help us to comment if you told us what level you are studying at.

the problem is that i never did an insight or research paper before and i d like it to be as simple and easy as possible since i am not a native speaker and did not finish high school in US. i am taking speech class in a college for my program.
i thought maybe i could write about grabbers?to write about different kinds and to give an example and how it helps for introduction to look better with it. but maybe i am thinking wrong and it is a bad idea to write about.
the other thesis isEvery good insight essay has three components; the lead, the transition, and the thesis.but that person said it is going to be very difficult to write about and i don't think i am a good writer any way. i just want to try to do my best and get an A. do teachers judge how difficult the essay is? well i need something simple plz help me to find a good thesis and give me some idea how can i write it about! thanks a lot
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There is nothing wrong with the idea of writing about grabbers. But you need to research the topi and decide what you want to say about it.
Sorry, but we don't do that for you. However, if you show us a draft of your essay, we can help you with your English.

Emotion: thinkingwhat about this introduction? do i have to add something else in the end of my introduction?

First impression is important in any part of life, especially in speaking. This is why the introduction of any speech - whether it be a simple topic or a long medical research paper - is essential. Introduction is just as important as the body of your speech. It has two main purposes: to draw the listeners in and make him or her want to pay more attention to your presentation, and to prepare the audience for the direction that the speech is going to take.
There are a lot of ways to get attention and interest from your listeners. One of them is using leads or some people call them grabbers.
There are six basic leads for preparing the beginning of your speech that clearly introduce the topic`s main idea.


I have a question for you.

Have you copied a lot of this from this web-site?


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no!! i added only one sentence from it. someone helped me to start my paper! that`s it!.

I only have a limited amount of time that I can volunteer here, and I prefer to spend it with people whose work is completely their own. I hope you inderstand.

Good luck!