thesis topics please, i am an english major, i want a thesis title/topic related to linguistics,cross-cultural communication or communication in general, thanks.. help! i need help... thanks. i am running out of time cause i decided to change the first thesis i made. my adviser told me it is too elementary and it wouldn't be nominated as the best in thesis if i'll pursue it. thanks! [:^)]
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What was your first topic?
error analysis of written compositions of the third year high school students
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You could make it more complex and more fruitful of knowledge if you amended it to:

Comparative error analysis of written compositions of elementary school, high school and university students.

The study of the acquisition of language is generally, however, of more value in earlier years (ages 3 to 7, say) and of the spoken rather than the written language.
okay thanks! any more suggestions?
What about the pervasive use of "text speak" creeping into to more written forms, and whether there is acceptance of "Can u send that document 2 me" in more formal settings or not, and how teachers react to receiving essays written with "words" like "ne1" in them.

I can imagine (although I shudder at the thought) that in 10 years, getting an e-mail that says "can u get en1 2 help on this project" will be standard business correspondence.

Kind of a combined socio-linguistic and usage study.
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a million thanks!
pleas help me find a good english topis thesis
You need to at least suggest a general area you're interested in.
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