They, me

They are sleeping on water beds , pillows.
I’m sleeping on sighing straw at noon,
They are seeking God up among stars,
While He is smiling here in my room.

They own bull terriers made of sapphire,
I give a hug to every dove,
They are seeking weapons of mass distruction.
I am seeking the weapon of mass love.
woww!! great poet you are peiter! "weapon of mass love"? thats sth i must know! Emotion: wink so? whats that??
I donno. I 'm looking for them. BTW, if you wanna have fun check the Google search, write in " weapons of mass destruction" and click " I feel lucky" !!!!!!!!!
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Nice. Very Latin AmericanEmotion: smile
What's latin American Bubr?
Amado Nervo, for example.

Si nadie sabe ni por qué reímos ni por qué lloramos;
si nadie sabe ni por qué vinimos ni por qué nos vamos;
si en un mar de tinieblas nos movemos,
si todo es noche en derredor y arcano,
¡a lo menos amemos!
¡Quizá no sea en vano!

If nobody knows why we laugh or why we cry
If nobody knows what we are born for and what for we pass away.
If we are heading to a sea of darkness where we will cease to exist
And the night is numb and silent,
Then lets - at least - love.
Probably, this will not be in vain.

It is an approximate translation.
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Happy New Year!
deepawoww!! great poet you are peiter! "weapon of mass love"? thats sth i must know! so? whats that??

Mugen Tsukuyomi. Emotion: stick out tongue