Hi members and every soul that breathes Oxygen on planet EarthEmotion: big smile , I've got something and I wish that you'd help me work it out, if you may. What if life took you away from the apple of your eye( they are more than one, mind) . You never forgot them because you are part of them but since you are busy all the time, you find it hard to call on them or even ring . Now , when you meet them after a long period, what would you say to justify your absence?? and by the way they are usually old people like grans. Their love is great that they usually can't stand your unintended neglect.

p.s. I'm waiting otherwise, I'd ask Martians!
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Now , when you meet them after a long period, what would you say to justify your absence??

Tell the truth ! And make a promise that you will put "calling your grandma" on your top ten priority in your daily, or weekly, or monthly schedule.
Well, I agree Eed and Kabayan,

But it's the respect and love into you which make you to do anything if you really love them. It's just not the responsibility but also the respect to the nature, the old age.

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Sorry, it shoud read top ten priorities. I always forget the S's.
We need to start to put "Respect and love" as an important factor in determining priority in our schedule.

well said passionate !
Yeah Kabayan,

Sure we got to prioritise the things in our life but showing respects and love to the elders specially Grands is far more important. Well, as I've found mostly the eastern people regard it the duty with affection toward but in the west they put the seniors away in the old home . The busy schedule and the hectic life might be the reason but they are not the only people who are busy,lol. Please don't take it as an offence.

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Well yes but some elderly people may be really evil... I'd like to hold my Grandma as an example. The point is that the last time I called on her, I was to have got a decent Christmas present but, funnily enough, she gave me nothing but a battered metal box. "to put your school stuff in"- she said perfectly conscious of my disappointment. After going out of my way to be her minion, you know, running errands for her (because she no longer feels up to going shopping herself), phoning her regularly, alas! I reckon she did it out of spite, for some reason...
Sorry. In my haste I wrote "may be realy evil"" instead of "can be...".Pardon me...
Hey Iavor,

Well, I guess you are just a kid and most of the kids expect a lot of things from elders but it's not good to expect from others. Ok, you get what you give. If you want to be loved you must know the way of love and how to love. So it applies in every part of our life.

And personally I regard a gift is gift always doesn't matter even it is a useless peice of stone or else. What people give to you with their love only matters even the million dollars given with hatred won't let you in peace but it will keep you on the huge bed of peculiar kind of weired feelings and things even you can buy a nice house or a car or anything else. The blessings from elders counts and the positive energy from them is the precious thing.

My little friend, your Granny might be trying to know your expressions or ...show your respect and love and wait my friend you won't repent on it !!!

Love from the east

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