they will update the status EOD by today. is this correct sentence
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Hi, pundik. Welcome to English Forums. Thanks for joining us! [<:o)]

Could you please explain the acronym "EOD"? Google has it as "Explosive ordinance disposal."

Your sentence may be grammatically correct, depending on the "EOD." It does need to begin with a capital letter.

Best wishes,

- A.
Hi pundik.

Although EOD does mean "Explosive Ordnance Disposal," the EOD you're referring to actually means "End of Day." This is used in the business world, along with NLT (No Later Than), EOW (End of Week), WE (Week Ending), and COB (Close of Business).

So your sentence "They will update the status EOD by today" is redundant. Read it as "They will update the status End of Day by today."

The correct way would be to say, "They will update the status by EOD."

Hope that helps!

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Hi Linda,
I completely agree that "EOD" means end of day but don't agree that adding "today" is redundant. I've asked for things to be completed by EOD Thursday or Friday or other days. EOD doesn't simply refer to the current day.
Thanks for the help, Linda and GG! [F]
never knew that EOD also has hilarious meaning of "END OF THE DAY"

Any how thanks Pal's for posting the clarification.

devanathan. B
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I'm benefited with this. Thanks Linda.
i wiil do it EOD by today
Just say I will do it by EOD.
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