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I agree, it has to come from within.
Stop smoking just because it's better for your health is not always aphoristic easy. Eventhough it's you who wants to stop instead to stop because someone else asked you to, it can turn out to be very difficult.
I have to agree that when giving up things comes from within your chances to succeed will enlarge.

But what if your love-one asked you to give up on a habbit. Are/will you be capable to fulfill that request?
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Well Harshita
If you are happy with the change its good.
But yes sometimes we have to leave our dreams or get accostomed to a way of living which is totally different. Even if you may not gain anything (can be possible) it shows your strenght
i think, if you want to give up or change something in yourself.
first thing to remind to your heart and mind is, this thing was good for yourself.
changing in you defect to your own kindness, then to people around you speacially
your sweet one.
cause if not, in future somehow you will regret it