When people fall in love and they choose to be with the person they love, they sometimes have to give up things they would normally do if they weren't with the person they love. I am talking about either material things or habits, customs or traditions? For example, you are a heavy smoker, would you give up smoking so as to please your girlfriend? Have you ever changed something in your life so as to please your husband/boyfriend, wife/girlfriend? In which cases would you and in which one you wouldn't? Thanks in advance for your comments.
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Well, this is a tricky question, maj. At least for me. I think I have never given up anything because of my boyfriend, but I'm very stubborn. I could give up a bad habit or something that is really bad for me: not because my boyfriend asked me to, but because I know it's not healthy. For example, smoking. I could never give up a lifelong tradition or a custom such as praying (which I don't usually do, it's just an example). Nor would I ask him to do the same.
Anyway, my boyfriend has never asked me to stop doing things that I enjoy, like "Stop writing in that forum" or "Stop watching English films all the time, I'm bored because I can't understand"Emotion: wink He knows I like doing certain things he doesn't. It's also the other way round: I would never ask him to stop watching the 'Tour de France' because he likes cyclism. We've got a mutual respect in that case.
If I have to give up something, it's up to me. I can accept advice but it's MY decision.
You know you sound so convincing. You are probably right. It's your decision. Thanks for your comment I liked it.
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for him? i have given up my heart, my time, my mind, my values, my job, my body, my dignity, my faith.... yet, i dont feel that i'm losing anything. it just happened and no burden at all, effortless, i would say. or may be i'm just one of the fools..

novalee, i was once as proud as you are, until i found him, and the pride fell apart.
I have had to give up a lot because I married into a traditional family. I grew up in a city environment but now live in a rural area in India. I went from wearing Jeans and T-shirts to wearing Sari and traditional Indian Jewellery. My nostrils were pierced before my marriage since my mother-in-law "strongly suggested" that I follow traditions. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against traditions, only against being forced into following them ....
It does'nt look like u gave up something.

U said ur from India. Well and good. If you are totally let free and allowed to go out and marry as many people Emotion: wink , do u think you can live a peaceful life ? Hope the answer from most of the girls would be NO. Are girls forced in India not to marry many people.,No., they got used to their tradition by which they live happy. It 's the old tradtion which makes us live happy in so many ways although the stuff which u were talking about is Superstition not tradition

But fell bad about your nostrils getting pierced, giving up wearing jeans and T-Shirt. Luckily u got a family..for which lot of em begging in this world
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I agree that nothing should be forced on people. Many of the traditions do not have any relevance in todays time. Something would have been important hundreds of years ago but now they would hold no good. Its wrong to carry it on till today and name it 'tradition'. As far as the things I would give up is concerned...i would give up nothingEmotion: smile . If I find a true love, I expect her to love me as I am now. So no question of giving anything up.
I don't know if I have given up things for my loved-one. I don't think I have but if that has happend, I'm not aware of it. I have all my freedom. He's my knight in shining armor. He never has asked me to give up things neighter have I done that to him.
I am sharing my personal experience.
I used to think that if you leave something after falling in Love , its always easier.
But , I had a girl Friend who kept insisting me to quit smoking, however, I was not able to change myself , till and untill I realised that its affecting my health.
What I am pointing out, be it in Love or normal life , if you are willing to change or quit some habit permanently ( I am not considering two days of quiting smoking or pretentions), it will always be due to your own inate neccesity to quit.
What do you say?
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