I know the meaning of this phrase but could anyone please give some easy examples to help me understand this phrase easily?

"Think locally, act globally"

And also:
"Think globally, act locally"

Think globally, act locally.

This is the usual saying. It means you need to think about problems (usually ecological contexts) on a global scale, and the best way to deal with this is to act on these problems locally, as if everyone did that then the global problem would be solved. i.e. If you are concerned about CO2 emissions, the best thing is for each country to regulate these within their own country, then the global problem is solved. If you are interested in re-cycling, it is more useful to help set up a local project than worry about what is happening the other side of the world.

Think locally, act globally.

I've never heard it expressed this way round as it seems rather difficult to do. Who can really act globally?
Thanks nona the brit!

I am reading a book "Global Paradox" by John Naisbitt. Here is the paragraph which uses both phrases.

"With the new emphasis on what is tribal in a world increasingly global, the New Age Mantra "Think Globally, Act Locally" is turned on its head. It is now:

Think Locally, Act Globally.

One modern nation and economic superpower functions much like a tribe. The Japanese. This most homogeneous of cultures has been doing extraordinarily well thniking locally and acting globally for many years.

A US company that has excelled at thinking locally and acting globally is Motorola."

Could you please explain the above?

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Could anybody please help here?

Thanks in advance!
Some examples probably follow the sentences you cited. Post them here. Without them, it's difficult to explain.
Emotion: smile Think globally, act locally"

this to me means that when your doing something that pertains to the environment that you should think about how it will help or take away from the environment. if it does try and find a better solution...
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Yes, they thought out and proved a concept locally, then replicated it globally.
Its a phrase used across many b-schools. The meaning is that you think about a product or service locally and then make it popular globally. A product which is pretty popular in a collectivist society if taken out globally becomes acceptable to the members of that community who are working globally and it might become popular with the people of that region as well if crafted to suit to their tastes. For example Mcdonalds introduced Aalo Tikki Burger (potato wedges burger) in India to suit to the local taste buds.

Define act local ,think global??,,

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