Hi guys

Is it okay to say: think of somebody doing something

What I was trying to say is: Think of me once in a while. + Imagine this: I am snowed under with work. as you think of me.

Can I say: Think of me being snowed under with work once in a while.

I don't think this is good English. Can someone help me on this please?
It's perfectly natural, but in your last example, "once in a while" is misplaced. I think you intend it to modify "think," but it appears to modify "snowed under."

Think of me once in a while being snowed under with work.

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Arrrrr ok... How about: Think once in a while of me being snowed under with work.. better?? Thanks a lot Avangi
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Thank you CalifJimEmotion: big smile
chenyincheng......being snowed under with work.
Being snowed - is a colloquial expression to mean overwhelmed or over-burdened.
Personally, it sounds bumpy to me here....