Hi all.
I have a question:
How do I start thinking in English? Many books I read say that you should start thinking in English. To improve your English you should start thinking in English.
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Gosh, that's tremendously difficult. How can I think in English with a Spanish mind?
Hmmm, good question. "How DO I start thinking in English?"
I'm sure there are many opinions on this. A good place to start is to not mix languages. For example, if you are studying English use an English to English dictionary, and try to avoid textbooks that give explanations of English in other languages.
Reading a LOT of English is also a good way to get used to the language. Be kind to yourself. Don't try to read books that are too difficult. Read books that are easy and enjoyable. Try to read A LOT.
I'm sure there are many other ways, but I am sure that these will help.
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Wide reading seems to be an irreplaceable habitEmotion: smile. I tried many shortcuts, they didn't work as words don't register in the mind unless you come across very often by wide reading.
I would say that this is a thing that simply "occurs" somewhen, esp. when you have to speak English for a longer time (sometimes a week will do).

I noticed that when I was in Ireland a few months ago. It was very difficult for me even to understand or speak English on the first day there, but I had to because there was noone who could help me out with translating. In fact, I got quickly used to English (of course, I had some difficulties esp. concerning vocabulary and certainly also because I was confrontated with this new situation) but everything else worked quite well then and after the 1st or 2nd day, I had much less problems with speaking English - and then I realized, that I also started thinking in English! A very interesting experience!! Really, I won't miss that for anything, it is really funny. Emotion: wink Btw: This went that far, that I messed up both English and German after I've returned home again.

You will see, it's really an experience that just occurs, just let it happen and don't worry about that it's so great! Emotion: smile
Btw: When you're on a holiday in an English speaking country, try not to use your dictionary!!
Rather try to paraphrase anything if you don't know the word - just keep on talking.
I've noticed that looking up a word in a dictionary should only be taken as the last possibility to get to know a word - you've no idea how "not-using" a dictionary can help you learning English! Emotion: smile
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and then I realized, that I also started thinking in English!

Interesting, Pemmican. How did you realise that you started thinking in English? I mean what actually made you realise that you started thinking in English?

Pemmican, also see this: Thinking in English
You just got the feel if you think in EnglishEmotion: smile
Yes, Orpheus,

exactly like Ryan explained that in the other thread! It really just happens!! - I can't tell you why or how it goes, but somewhen I realized that my way of thinking was in English and not in German anymore. That just occured, I also can't say when exactly it took place, it was just there after a few days!

I guess, I really "noticed" it especially when I've seen a movie or I was told a story for example. I often start thinking then about things e.g. that could happen to people or characters after the story had ended. And then I just detected that these thoughts went on in English...

Incredible, but I can't explain it better in any way though... maybe a question, psychologists have to deal with??! Emotion: smile
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