Here is my thought, can U check and correct sentence?

When I find the word “The reason that you do not yet have millions in the bank is because you do not think like a millionaire/billionaire, according to Donald Trump ”, thought should think like a women who loved.

The women who receive love might smile, positive, enjoy life, fun to be with, relaxed, and charming.

I thought the true love is showing the ugliest, weakest, worst part of me, and just hoping him to accept that.

Unfortunately, in that way, I will never able to make him happy.

Love someone to be lived, this is what needed for me now.

I have saved money on clothes, shoes, hair and cosmetics, everything rerating to the beauty.

I have hesitated smile, talk to guys who is not my boy friend.

I have not had any confidence with relationship.

Nine months past since I broke up with my ex.

Maybe, it is time to start something new.
Don't worry be happy, there are plenty more fish in the sea.
Thank you Doll.

I did not intend to write such a thing.