I would be grateful if anyone helped me. I think that 'thinsulate suit' is a suit that protects you from cold, I've seen this phrase somewhere and I think it works in English.

Please could you tell me what kind of suit it is and if I can use it in the sentence below?

The team heading to the North Pole will be wearing thinsulate suits.

or maybe there is a better word for a suit worn by people in extremely cold conditions?

thank you
Thinsulate sounds like a brand name to me, rather than a generic type of clothing.
Think you could be right, Nona. "Thinsulate" is a very light wind proof fabric which retains heat, and is therefore particularly popular with people who perform sports such as skiing, mountaineering, etc., as it keeps them warm without the need to carry a huge amount of weight. Almost any item of clothing can be made form thinsutate, including jackets, gloves, socks, hats, etc.
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Hi Yogi,
I think that a more likely term for a suit that protects you from cold would just be to say in a generic way that it is an 'insulated' suit.
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