this is the article that send my english teacher
please check it and i'll be wait your help
thank u every one. : )

hi brad (he is my english teacher)
it's me Annie. : )

Do you rememer me ? : )

your couple look very happy ! : ) ~~~~

i'm always thanks for your teaching and see you soon !

and i'm afraid i'm absent this 3rd lesson .
it's not be definited.
(i hope to express i'm not present this time)

but please understand if i would be absence
( i hope to express sorry to my absence)

and my website is
free visit and hope to your posting category "guest"
thank u.
The revised letter appears below. I was uncertain of the intended meaning of "your couple look very happy", so I deleted that line.

Hi, Brad.
It's me, Annie. : )

Do you remember me? : )

I'm always thankful for your teaching, and I'll see you soon!

It's not definite yet, but I may be absent from the 3rd lesson. If this is the case, please accept my apologies.

Your absence is so unbearable!
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thank u for your tip! : )