I guess I can consider this my first real attempt at finishing a poem:

This Child

It’s those first cries
Or should I say music in the ears
A beginning for new whys
Marked by happy and loving tears

Not knowing the possibilities
That lie in this soft and innocent mind
Careful upbringing that frees
The sweetness of a fruit out of its rind

Be careful, however
Not to contaminate this possible genius
With words that shall never
Inspire this new life’s prettiest Muse

Much pride that estranges
This child from the only world
That employs and accommodates
Both weak and strong with no withhold

Be careful not to spoil
The power in this temple
For this child is the breeding soil
For both a devil and an angel
That's excellent, Jacko! I like them both the evil and the angel!
Well done for a beginner.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
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This is really good for a first poem. I think you should try doing some more. We could all be nicely surprised.
"I think you should try doing some more. We could all be nicely surprised."

I don't know about that. AFAIK, I am not really an artistic or poetic person. I was just bored, so I thought I should try to make one. I can't stand writing poems, especially when there are a lot of things to do out there. I guess it's not my passion. Thanks for the nice comments though, everyone.