Many, many years ago
when I was twenty three,
I got married to a widow
who was pretty as could be,

This widow had a daughter
Who had hair of red.
My father fell in love with her,
And soon the two were wed.

This made my dad my son-in-law
And changed my very life.
My daughter was my mother,
For she was my father's wife.

To complicate the matters worse,
Although it brought me joy,
I soon became the father
Of a bouncing baby boy.

My little baby then became

A brother-in-law to dad.
And so became my uncle,
Though it made me very sad.

For if he was my uncle,
Then that also made him brother
To the widow's grown-up daughter
Who, of course was my step-mother.

Father's wife then had a son,
Who kept them on the run.
And he became my grandson,
For he was my daughter's son.

My wife is now my mother's mom.
And it surely makes me blue.
Because, although she is my wife,
She is my grandma too.

If my wife is my grandmother,
Then I am her grandchild.
And every time I think of it,
It simply drives me wild.

For now I have become
The strangest case you ever saw

As the husband of my grandmother,
I am my own grandpa!
Hello Henrietta,

Oh my!!!

Where did you find this ? Actually this riddle is in one of the oldest Indian mythical book Vikramadithan and Betal(The name of a king and the ghost that accompanies him)

Our professor has the original sanskrit scriptures and it was he who asked us the riddle.The question was "what was the relationship between the father's son and the son's son.The answer should not have any contradictions.I was hunting up for the answer,while I found this.Do you know the answer??? if yes please do tell it.
Hey Ayesha

This was emailed to me Emotion: smile Thought it might be a little fun for non-native speakers to figure out!

I don't know the answer to your question, sorry! But maybe if you drew a diagram it would help to solve it? You know, sort of like a family tree....
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I've thought about it for a while and it seems impossible to come up with an answer that has no contradictions!

The father's baby would be the step-brother of the son, so that would make the father's baby the uncle of of the son's baby. On the other hand, the father is married to the step-daughter of the son, which means that the father's baby would also be the grandchild of the son, making the son's baby the uncle of the father's baby! Its rather confusing, but I'm quite sure that there's no way you can come up with that answer without it having contradictions....
Yes Henritta,

All our class students tried making the family tree.But no one was able to find it and even the professor ceases to tell answer.We have challenged him that we would find the solution.If I find I would tell you.May be there is no solution at all!!

Here is a riddle which my mother invented based on this.

A lady is the grandmother to both a mother and a child.When will this be possible?
Hey every1,

here is something strange for me in this riddle :
My wife is now my mother's mom.
And it surely makes me blue.
Because, although she is my wife,
She is my grandma too.

My wife is the mother of my mother-in-law that doesn't make her my grandma !!

What do u think ?

Take care
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