hi every one .....

any one look like this handsome man ,,,,,this my email----i am waiting him impatiently

Email Removed">

my all is a hopeEmotion: big smile

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He looks gay to me, Donna-- is that OK for you?
Girl, why does he have two thumbs. YOur worrying me, he he!!! [:^)]
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I thought the Hrithik trivia was long over and that his fan club had diminished.
hi Mister Micawber how are u?i do not thing so.......

u look like himEmotion: sad

hi Maurishai want man look like him even if he have 10 fingersEmotion: big smile

hi Savvysavz ; i am admirer of him (suffices)[H]

thanks for u,,,,,,,,
Hey Donna Karran

Please do not take my comment seriously, as I was just joking! Honestly, who am I to crit?

Love Emotion: big smile

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Why? Why? Why Hrithik Roshan? I thought the hysteria had faded after the release of Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai! Obvious what I think of him, isn't it? Sorry.

And, for the record, he's already married. And his marriage to Suzanne Khan hasn't been hyped up and made a hash of yet by the media, so here's hoping it will last. Surely you want your hero to be happy!

- Tearsofjoy.
Mister MicawberHe looks gay to me, Donna
Me too.
Three thumbs!
Well, at least he doesn't have three heads!

Emotion: whisper
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