At a police station


Cop: Yes, sir? May I help you?
Man: Is this the place for emergencies?
Cop: Yes, this is the police station.
This is the place for emergencies all right.
Would you like to report an emergency?
Has there been an accident?
Man: An accident? Yes, but you see it wasn't exactly...
Cop: Name?


Is "all right" an adverb on this sentence?

Does it mean "certainly"?

Thank you

rezaenglishIs "all right" an adverb on in this sentence?


(in this sentence, in this paragraph, in this book)

rezaenglishDoes it mean "certainly"?

More or less. Or "without a doubt" or "that's correct" or "you're right about that".

It has almost no specific meaning. It's just used to reinforce an idea already expressed in the conversation, and it's always at the end of the sentence, optionally preceded by a comma.

It reminds me of Chicago all right.
English is hard to learn all right.
World War II was of historical significance all right.



Thank you so much, CalifJim