As a parent I am committed to be actively involved in all areas of my child’s life, especially education.
My son, Daniel, is currently enrolled in the VPK program at Scribble’s Pre-school. I have volunteered for field trips, holiday celebrations, and other events at the school. I enjoy seeing firsthand how Daniel is learning. This also assists me to implement similar techniques at home. We review his class work each night, concentrating on any areas that may need improvement. I recognize the importance of my involvement in Daniel’s school life to help increase his self-esteem, self-worth and respect.
I feel my child would benefit from attending Challenger K8 because he has a strong desire to learn and succeed. Like most children, Daniel is very inquisitive, demanding rationales for everything. Also, I believe that a less tolerant approach to discipline allows for more focus on positive goals and education. By starting his career at Challenger K8, I believe Daniel’s potential and enthusiasm for learning would be maximized. Thanks you for considering Daniel as a student at Challenger K8.
Do you mind telling us the purpose of this communication? Is this part of the application?
This is for my son's portfolio (application) for a magnet school.
The application reads:
"Please write a statement about your commitment to your child's education and how you feel they would benefit by attending Challenger K8"
He will be entering Kindergarten.
Also, space is limited.
Thank you so much
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Any suggestions on what I should change? Please help! :-)
this is due in a few days..
thanks so much
I suggest you explain a bit more why your son will benefit from attending that school. Provide some examples.
you need to appeal to the administrators at the school. let them know that you have done your research and are aware of any awards or special recognitions the school has received. they want students who are pre-interested in the school. they want to know that it is not a fly by night decision and that you are genuine in your investment in the school.
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Do you want your kid to get bullied? Basically everyone in magnet here hates anyone in gifted. plz no, bad choice.