It is more important for students to study history and literature than it is for them to study science and mathematics??

A rational and efficient plan for courses, students should take, is really essential. History and literature are more important or science and mathematics? The answer to this question, is quite personal. Some teachers and advisors believe history and literature are the main important lessons.Meanwhile others think science and mathematics are more valuable. Personally speaking, I assert that science and mathematics are the primary lessons that every student should learn.
At the first place, according to what most of scientists has estimated, studying mathematics,physics and other sciences helps developing our mind in an effective way. Because while studying these types of materials and solving their problems, we have to use our mind and our analyzing capabilities, our mind will be more trained.
Following this further, starting to learn science from their early age, students will be able to increase their knowledge and get familiar with the variety of technologies and improvements in science sooner. Therefor they are always up to date in this modern era. In compare with our parents or grand parents, who didn't have the chance to be familiar with the technologies of their time, students of this generation have a greater opportunity since they have started to study these technologies since they where a child.
Finally, if schools and universities focus on science and mathematics more, students will certainly have a greater chance to become a scientist in future. In fact with a greater number of scientists, a greater number of inventions and discoveries will be advent in future.

All in all, accroding to what have been said, I postulate that science and mathematics have a profound influence on every student; therefor, Schools and universities should pay more attention to them.

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Really? So what is your final research paper about?