Imagine you are in a square room, by yourself, with:
(i) a heavy locked door, with no key and no way of breaking it down.
(ii) 4 closed windows (1 on each wall), with no way of opening or breaking them. (bullet proof glass)
(iii) a locked sunroof, with no key and no way of reaching it.
(iv) a strong locked trapdoor, with no key and no way of breaking it.

How do you get out?
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in a coffin...
I agree with Amandine Emotion: smile
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Well... that is one way of getting out.
Actually, that was my first answer too when I first heard this riddle.
But there is another way that doesn't involve death.
is it by a surnatural or natural way ?
a miracle? Emotion: smile
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It's not a miracle or anything supernatural.

It's quite possible and doesn't take a lot of effort.

Keep trying [:^)]

Bury a tunnel under your floor and get out of the room!
I doubt that, since it would take a lot of effort...

How about just un-imagining yourself in that situation? Then you'd get out.
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