JKrishnamurti used to say that "Thought is a material process" Herew what meaning the word "material" takes? "Thought" cannot be an action so that it can be called "Process" I think that "Thought" is an abstract noun. It cannot be related to a "Process" as JK did. Please clarify.
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One meaning of thought is 'the process of thinking'.
One meaning of 'material' is 'physical, not intellectual or spiritual.

I'm not familiar with JKrishnamurti's ideas. However, I know that scientists today are studying the electrical impuses in the brain. Do you think that one day they will be able to look at your brain and 'see' your thoughts?
Perhaps the meaning is that we should not think of thought as something that can be completely separated from our body?

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Hi Mr. Clive,

Thank you for your comments. However something in me always makes me doubt that the word "material" carries different meaning here. Like "material" in "material evidence", "material" in this sentence may mean that Thought is an important and of prime consequence process.
what's your comment on this please?
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Hi again,
Yes, 'material' does have other meanings so what you suggest is a possibility.
To understand his meaning, we'd really need to look at more of JKrishnamurti's writings than just 5 words.
Apparently he meant the actual electro-chemical processes in the brain. From the writings of David Bohm on J Krishnamurti:

"What he was seriously proposing is that all this disorder, which is the root cause of such widespread sorrow and misery, and which prevents human beings from properly working together, has its root in the fact that we are ignorant of the general nature of our own processes of thought. Or to put it differently it may be said that we do not see what is actually happening, when we are engaged in the activity of thinking. Through close attention to and observation of this activity of thought, Krishnamurti feels that he directly perceives that thought is a material process, which is going on inside of the human being in the brain and nervous system as a whole."
Dear rvw,

Thank you for quoting the context. Can you please tell me in which book David Bohm wrote those lines? I like to read more of his work on J Krishnamurti.
Your posting gave me lot of clue to my question on the same subject in another thread, in fact!

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It was in A Brief Introduction to the Work of Krishnamurti, which is cited at

http://www.ratical.org/many_worlds/K/K.html .
Dear rvw,

Thank you indeed for the URL;
But it looks there is a mistake in the URL May I request you to verify once again and post the corrected one. When i tried to visit the site there was error report. May be at that time the server was not available. May be there some spelling mistakes! Kindly let me know please. Bear with me for the trouble.

I included a period at the end of the URL. If you omit that and tell Google (if they ask) that the URL is correct, it should take you to the correct site.

Sorry about that.

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