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marriage! is not a word ,its a sentence.... sentence for life!
Marriage is that relation between man and woman in which the independence is equal, the dependence is mutual, and the obligation reciprocal. (L. K. Anspacher) . So this would be a life sentence for you, right?
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aah.. when mansfield rehabilitatory looks more beautiful than your house, the warden looks more sympathetic than your mother-in-law...yes!!! (but not when ur husband is more understanding!)
You know you are probably right. I guess every wife needs an understanding husband. Lol.Emotion: wink
But what about the husband? Please, don't get me wrong. I am not talking about mothers-in-law.
yeah! that too is important "wives" must see their husbands as humans, only then that will be a happy marriage.
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There is a line in a song that I like a lot. I think in English it may sound like this:

'Whose fault is that one is married, the other is rich; one is ridiculous, the other is in love; one is a fool, the other is your rival?"
Are you sure you posted in the right forum? Is this song supposed to be surreal? I'd love to hear the rest of the song. You mean it's the wife's fault!!!!!!!!!!. Will you stop being so enigmatic. This is an extremely serious forum. I am saying this in case you didn't notice.
I know that you, maj, are the most serious person ever. lol

Sorry to interrupt you and deepa, please continue!

PS: I will post the entire text in the lyrics forum soon.
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dont you think so bubr ( how do you pronounce ur name ?) that u r interupting us... u are most welcome to share ur view on marriage!
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