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ok but on the second thought i say The cure for love is marriage, and the cure for marriage is love again
tell me something good about marriage!! i must know before i get married!! lol. what a married life looks like?
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deepa, I'd prefer my name to be pronounced as 'boobr'. But 'babr' will go as wellEmotion: smile

As for marriage, there are two things I can say. First, once Socrates was asked by a young man for advise - whether to marry or not. 'Do whatever you like' - answered Socrates - 'You will regret anyway'.

Second - there is an english proverb 'Don't worry, don't hurry and don't sorry'. An experienced friend of mine adds: 'And don't marry'.

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Gosh. How many times has this friend of yours got married? You mean, three smilies, three times? I feel so terrible here. Everybody is an expert at something. Well, you see, Socrates also said: "Don't worry, be happy" or was it a song hmnmn?
hmm your name is cool as well as your opinioun!
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maj, I am not an expert in marriage, that's why I am citing instead of expressing original ideas. If 'Don't worry, be happy' satisfies you as Socrates's words, I will be happy to ensure you that it was his Emotion: smile

deepa: thanks for the name, however, the oppinion is not mine. Emotion: smile To tell the truth, I know very few successful marriages, at least, here in Russia. However, in many countires, Japan or India, for instance, a marriage cannot be 'unsuccessful' by definition, I guess. Because the spouse is chosen by the relatives, not a person. And the relationship between the married are based on obeying the traditions. That's an impression, probably, obsolete.
Let's get serious here! I think you are right! Such an old institution deserves a little more respect. BTW can people get divorced in India?
In Chile it's not possible to get a divorce. Once you're married, THAT'S IT!!!! I think the politicians are throwing around the idea of a law that allows divorce but they are a little afriad of the Church here. They don't want to get in the church's 'bad books'.
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yes in india marriages are said to be ARRANGED by the parents of the bride and the groom, they will match the horoscopes and look for the star compatibility, then only marriage is proceeded. most of the arranged marriages work out ! in olden days you dont even know with whom you are going to marry, its a tradition , whomever you marry you have to stick to them for the rest of your life with out complaining!
when it comes to divorce, people get a black mark in the society....
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