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You mean a kind of tatoo?
lol! yes a kind of permanent tatoo that he/she is not eligible to follow the tradition!
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Hi ,

Deepa, i beg to differ, now there are many divorces and many remarraiges. thanks to those 'silly' serials they show on tv. where marraige takes place and in no time divorece and again marraige.

Yes, you are right, we have to follow the tradition, of 'arranged' marraige. maj, u would be surprised to know that this ceremony is known as 'bride seeing'( ! ) ceremony. some times the groom's people ask such stupid questions one feels like bashing them up. Don't you agree with me Deepa.

Well, for that matter i was lucky and to tell you the truth after 27 years of our married life we feel that we are more of friends then husband and wife.

We can share our feelings and still respect each other's privecy, as an individual we surely would like to be with ourselves somtimes.

I belive marraige is a kind of partnership and both the partners have equal responsibility and equal duty. if we maintain that then ..........

with warm regards to all

hi sur,
yes i agree with you that now a days trends are changing because of the revolutionary efforts by raja ram mohan rai , who fought for womens rights , (but more recently i think ekta kapoor's efforts are working out as a feminist! Lol!). i agree with your words "marraige is a kind of partnership and both the partners have equal responsibility and equal duty."
marriage is a potion , only those who takes it will know its real taste. my parents got married 25 years back and still are in love with each other, care for each other.
I heard that in some Indian families the wife never calls her husband by his name but uses some special word very much similar to 'mama'. Is it truth? In what families?
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astonishing Bubr, its really a surprise ! how do you know so much about the indian culture which many indians themselves dont know about it!!!! yes its a tradition not to call husband by their names its a mark of respect and also said if called by name, husbands life expectancy will decrease! in south indain tamil families women call their husbands as "MAMA" and in kannada that is in karnataka state women call "RI".
So that's why my wife keeps calling me by my name every couple of minutes. She wants my life expectancy to shorten considerably. Hmmmm!Emotion: wink
So if the wife ever gets angry or wants a 'divorce', she mutter the husbands name every few seconds. Would the same happen if I call my WIFE by her name? Let's try... ...Emotion: smile
What is the view of people getting remarried in India?
Ahh how funny, every couple of minutes!! Emotion: big smile
Aw, I prefer my husband continues calling me 'pibe'

Interesting the point of respect in that Indian custom deepa.
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Let try it and then you will know that ...TOO LATEEmotion: smile)
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