Since Chris got married here are some thoughts about Marriage:

Fortune, talent, health - he had everything; but he was married. (C. G. Gleyre)

If marriage is to be a success, one should obviously begin by marrying the right person. (Herman Keyserling)

Men do not their wives well; but wives know their husbands perfectly. (Feuillet)

Being asked whether it was better to marry or not, he (Socrates) replied, "Whichever you do you will repent it." (Diogenes Laertius)

The chain of wedlock is so heavy that it takes two to carry it - sometimes three. (Dumos)

Women, deceived by men, want to marry them! It is a kind of revenge as good as any other. (Beaumanior)

Marriage is that relation between man and woman in which the independence is equal, the dependence is mutual, and the obligation reciprocal. (L. K. Anspacher)

What do you agree or disagree with?
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Talking about marriage, remember the famous line from the British Magazine, Punch.

It said:

Advice to those about to get married: don't.
This is a great thread, Woody. Let me think...
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LoLZZZZ!! well a person never knows until he/she gets married that how life becomes.
You mean every time? Lol.
You know I have been quite pensive. Ok, my question are: Do angels have sex? Can, then, a mystical angel get married?
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Well I didn't get it.What exactly do u mean?

Do u mean if they have different sex (Male or Female)or what?
LOLZZ i really didn't get it.
Lol. Of course. Are you a male or a female or neutral?Emotion: smile
LOLZZZZ!I'm a female and 20 yrs old.There is every information about me in my newbie thread.
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