Three ants were walking in a straight line (one behind the other).

The first ant said "There are two ants behind me".

The second ant said "There is one ant in front of me and one ant behind me".

The third ant said "There are two ants in front of me and two ants behind me".

Why did the third ant say that?
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The third ant has a habit of lying.
i knew cause ants cant talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Emotion: big smile

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Intelligent FreakThere is a mirror behind the last ant? (I don't think so, that would make 3 more ants)
I can't say that the ant was just hallucinating, hahaha!
Maybe the first ant shouted "about face!" so they turned their backs to the opposite side...
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The third ant lied!
the ants are walking into a concaved hole. the first two are walking on the roof of the hole horizontally and the third is just entering the hole in a vertical position. technically the first two ants remain infront of the third but in terms of the direction they were previously going the first two are also behind it
it tell liesEmotion: smile
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He was a push-me pull-you type ant like in Doctor Doolittle!!!
because there were carring leaves
Emotion: big smile IS IT RIGHT MAN!!!!!Emotion: sleep
Maybe the 3rd ant had supernatural powers of seeing ghost ants
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they must be walking in a circle
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