Three ants were walking in a straight line (one behind the other).

The first ant said "There are two ants behind me".

The second ant said "There is one ant in front of me and one ant behind me".

The third ant said "There are two ants in front of me and two ants behind me".

Why did the third ant say that?
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Because the last Ant was there leader

the third ant lied.

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He lied!

They were walking in a circle

The third ant was lying.
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Third ant was a lier.

It may be possible that they were walking away from a mirror.The third knew there were two ants walking in front of her suddenly she turned back and she saw those two ants and she couldn't think of there being a mirror.So she concluded that there were two and in front of her and two behind her.

third ant is lying

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The third ant lied.

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