Three ants were walking in a straight line (one behind the other).

The first ant said "There are two ants behind me".

The second ant said "There is one ant in front of me and one ant behind me".

The third ant said "There are two ants in front of me and two ants behind me".

Why did the third ant say that?
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Probably the third ant turned reverse and said that.

Well, if he reversed, he would still have two ants behind him not ahead of him.
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They were walking on the surface of a sphere and only one ant was smart enough to see what was going on? Ants are not terribly bright!
Its simple !! The Ant is lying!! Emotion: wink
The third ant did'nt say "that"

It said "There are two ants in front of me and two ants behind me". lol

By the way how long have ants been talking english ?

I can't come up with anything better than clive's sphere theory i'm afraid
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Though I must admit that Clive's theory seems pretty interesting enough for an answer. Myprecious has answered correctly! The ant is lying!Emotion: big smile
Hi Benita,

Riddles should have an acceptable solution. "Lying" could not be an acceptable solution Emotion: crying

Hi Senthi! Agreed that the answer can be termed unacceptable or silly but that's the answer that I've known. You could come up with something new! Emotion: smile
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