Three quick questions which I hope someone will be able to answer, in the context of a British English business letter:

1. Ought the date on a letter to be left or right aligned if the home address heading is right aligned?

2. Should a subject line fall before or after the salutation? I read in the forum that the consensus appears to be that the subject should follow the salutation, but this seems slightly strange when viewed on the page.

3. What should be the signature line be in the case of multiple signatories? If the signatures and names are listed line by line, should they be followed at the end by a line of text describing the capacity of the signatories?

Many thanks in advance!
1. Usual practice now to left align.

2. Subject after the salutation.

3. Not sure what you mean - are you asking if their job title should appear under their signatures? It is usual to print the name and job title under a signature so I think this would still be a good idea even though there are several signatories.
Thanks a lot, I thought the same on all three after reading comments posted on here and elsewhere.

On 3, yes I have in mind the job title. If it is the same for all signatories then I suppose it should be put after the final name, in the plural (eg. "marketing managers at West Midlands branches"). If different, then I suppose that either a generic description ("board members for Merseyside") or a combination ("staff and management of the Bristol store") would be appropriate.
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Yes I think so too.