An object belongs to two people. How do I write this sentence?

The present will be under my wife and my Christmas tree.

"Our Christmas tree" doesn't specify who "our" is.


I want to sign a card from the DeRieux family:

The DeRieuxs?


An object belongs to a family:

"That's the Jones' car" or "the Jones's car"?
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Hi Blue, welcome to the forums..

1 - No idea, could you re-phrase that for me.

2 - The DeRieux family

3 - Jones's car.
Could you please answer the first these questions?

1. Is there any logic in the first one?
2. The Simpsons? or The Simpsons family?. Would both of them be correct?
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the simpson family (bart simpson, not bart simpsons, is his name)

happy holidays from a) the simpson family OR 2) the simpsons

as for the first sentence, "me and my wife's tree"
If the form "...the Christmas tree belonging to my wife and I." is valid, then why use "me and my wife's"?

Shouldn't it be "...my wife and I's Christmas tree."?

Just like it's "Tom and Hal's hair salon."

Where does "me" come into it at all? We don't say "Me and my wife own this tree", we say "My wife and I own this tree."

Actually, I have no idea which is correct. I'm just pointing out which one seems logical.

To the original poster:

If we can't resolve it for you, why not use third person. I.e.: "...Bob and Sue's Xmas tree".
I think "the party will be at me and my wife's house" sounds better, but I wasn't sure about placing the first person pronoun before the third.

Thanks for your help!
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"Wouldn't you say the party will be at our house". That's the way I would say it. "the party will be at me and my wife's house" sounds rather artificial.
That would be fine, but "our" isn't specific enough.
What would you suggest then?
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