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well i have homework of class romantic

and its about romantic movement and i have poem that i couldnt understand it and i need your help to explain it for me becuase i will present it in my presentation

and i want your ideas and your ability to understand it

the tittle ( three years she grew ) by William Wordsworth

please help me if you can

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three years she grew

three years she grew in sun and shower

then nature said," a lovelier flower

on earth was never sown;

this child I to myself will take"

she sahll be mine, and I will make

A lady of my own

"myself will to my darling be

both law and impluse; and with me

the girl and heave, in glade and bower,

shall feel an everseeing power

to kindle or resrtain.

"she shall be sportive as the fawn

that wild with glee across the lawn

or up the mountain springs;

and hers shall silence and the calm

of mute insensate things.

"the floating clouds their state shall lend

to her; for her the willow bend;

nor shall she fail to see

even in the motions of the storm

Grace that shall mould the Maiden's from

by silent sympathy

" the stars of midnight shall be dear

to her; and she shall lean her ear

in many a secert place

where rivulets dance their wayward round,

and beauty born of murmuring sound

shall pass into her face.

" and vital feeling of delight

shall rear her from to stately height,

her virgin bosom swell;

such thoughts to Lucy I will give

while she and I together live

here in this happy dell."

" thus Nature spake-the words was done-

how soon my Lucy's race was run!

she died, and left me

this health, this calm and quiet scene;

the memory of what has been,

and never more will be.

this is the stanzas of the peom

hope to enjoy it and analysis it

if you go to this website: http://www.gradesaver.com/wordsworths-poetical-works/study-guide/section13 / it should help you a great deal; i am doing a presentation on this poem as well, this coming week, and this helped me understand the poem thoroughly.
this website: http://www.gradesaver.com/wordsworths-poetical-works/study-guide/major-themes / should help you too. it lists the major themes Wordsworth uses in most of his works.
i hope i helped out. good luck!