My friend arranged a party.

He threw a party.

Would it be correct to say 'throw a party'?

I know in sports it is correct to say 'throw matches' when it comes to match fixing.
"throw a party" sounds right to me... But it may be because I'm used to the French equivalent
Or "launch" ?
Here comes your little echo, pieanne! We would say "I'm going to throw a party", but it means something different from "throw a match", which means to lose deliberately.
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Je sais quelque français. Le quel est en français ?
Etes-vous français ?

abbie, throwing matches are pandemic. I have heard this in football and cricket at international levels. This doesn't happen in domestic matches. Do you know why? You could make money on international encounters.

Australians fined some players. India and South Africa banned some players when they found guilty of throwing matches.
In UK the penalties are quite severe, and could include a life time ban, and prison if fraud can be proved, so maybe it's not worth it!

J'aimerais entendre de vous.
Je peux pratiquer mon français avec vous.

abbie, you are British. Great!
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Emotion: embarrassed Sorry for the French equivalent of "throw a party"! In French, we say "faire une soirée/fête", or "organiser une soirée".

Andrei, bravo pour votre français! à bientôt!