throw/toss your hat in the ring (American & Australian)

to do something that makes it clear you want to compete with other people, especially to compete for a political position. She's seriously considering throwing her hat in the ring and declaring herself a candidate for the election.

I know the meaning of the phrase, but I wonder its origin, and any simliar saying.:-)
To "throw your hat in the ring" is an Americanism dating back to the early 19th century meaning to enter a contest, especially to declare your candidacy for political office. The "ring" in question was originally a boxing ring or other venue set up for fighting. Evidently it was the custom on the American frontier for a pugilist to literally throw his hat into the ring as a way of announcing that he was prepared to take on anyone in the crowd. The first use of the phrase in a political context was probably in 1912, when Theodore Roosevelt announced his intention to challenge William Howard Taft for the U.S. presidency: "My hat's in the ring."

This is from: www.word-detective.com/040503.html

By the way, all I did was Google origin "throw your hat is in the ring" to get this.
Thank you!