Please, what do I say:

- A film that is a hit of ticket-office =

- Is it correct to write : seismal/seismic shock ( ? )

In: "Security lies in the weaponry each country has" , does the infinitive of the underlined verb is To lie ? And how about its simple past and past participle forms?

Is there a specific word to refer to someone who forecasts/foresees what is going to happen in the world such as natural catastrophes, calamites, wars, etc...?
1) it is called 'hit'

2)I think is seismic shock


4)prophet of doom? I am not sure.
1. Also a blockbuster.

3. Yes. Security lay in each country's weaponry.

4. Also, Casandra.
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Thank you, Grammar Geek. So in nº 3, "Security lay in each country's weaponry", it's wrong to write Security lies in, isn't it? And can I also write "Security lays in ..."? If not, why?

Thanks again for your help,
Thank you very much for your reply, BW2/3 !!!

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Didn't you ask for it in past?
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Oops! Now I see.

Thank you!!!

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Anonymous And can I also write "Security lays in ..."? If not, why?
That's a different verb, "to lay." She lays eggs for gentlemen. He's a bricklayer. He lays bricks for a living.