DJ Tiesto Rocks the house at Israel
But you have to hear the words of the meaningless electronica
Those Echoing curling lines of base
They sound like a voice, a conversation. A component you’d expect from Israeli trance.
Did Tiesto prepare?

Soaring up in the background are those electronic flutes
Singing out the way ever forward
To the Backdrop of the Bass drum, churning out the beat in every heart
The sound of action is driving forward, driving us to pay attention

And the song continues….
Let the inexplicable have no meaning
Lest we get that meaning wrong
That’s why art inspires
Didn’t you know that?
And to think I thought you knew everything!

Though I’m sure you do!!!

On another ever soaring stream of sound I let the wings of my mind take flight. And I’m right there, soaring with the angels.
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Wow it's so musical, Peter. But i am bit lost. Didn’t you know that? And to think you thought I knew everything! Though I’m sure I don't!!!
I wrote this to try and explain how I enjoy trance music.

I was inspired to write it because somebody told me I was crazy for dancing to the music!

Which to me sounded more crazy then anything!

Ok boys and girls listen close... Let your emotions change with the music

High notes for highs and low notes for lows... It's a symphony, the emotions you feel are funnily enough the same as the artists. Yes that is why a violin can make you cry.

This post isn't directed at you maj... It's a undirected rant at people who attack art because they don't understand it. And I'm afraid that it is so easy to miss the expression in art that if we tried to make everything universally intelligible, there would be (unfortunately) a tiny fraction of what we already have.

If the last lines confused you, that's me talking to the guy who made the comment

It is basically saying: "You say you don't understand the fun in the music. But I personally think you must be lying."

Still lost? I know all this over analysis is going to make me go lose myself.
ok, I'm off out to jump in a car and hunt art criticis with a shotgun. Yes see them run!
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What's the inspiration Pete?
Teisto of course! Lol

Now it's Peter's voyage to England, L8r poetry lovers Emotion: big smile
Electronica in Israel? I wish you’d write more. I don’t know anything about Israel especially not the clubs.
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I don't actually know anything about them actually... I've just been sat down to listen to a whole bunch of music that was identified to me as Isreali trance. Guys like infected mushroom and things.... Very good stuffEmotion: smile

em But I couldn't tell you more... Anyone from Israel here? Is my little bit of info correct?
Israel and electronic music dates back to the early 80's when a bunch of them went over to Goa, India. Goa Gil (an american) had thought of mixing the electronic music (that was pretty big in the 80's) with the psychedelic and tribal beats found in India. And Psychedelic trance (also known as Goa trance or Psy trance) was born. The Israelis took this back to Israel, and kept on developing it. It is now quite a big thing worldwide, especially in Israel, Japan, Australia, South Africa and the UK.

Personally i discovered it in Malta but developed my love for it when i was living in Autralia (maybe youve heard of bushdoofs, or festivals like Earthcore?- that's mostly psy trance!)

Dunno if this helps.. for more info on trance go to websites like / and check out the page called "where did it all start" or something.

This music WAS fuelled by copious amounts of drugs like LSD, however now i see it as the cleanest dance and electronic music scene there isEmotion: smile

personally i love it because i like the feeling it gives me, it's like going back to my ancient roots, stomping on dusty ground barefoot in the middle of a forest, dancing at sunrise with smiles all around me, surrounded by nature and all that is naturalEmotion: smile

(oh yeah - i don't really like tiesto, and i'm not that into israeli trance anymore, although i still like it. personally i like the more progressive psychedelic sound, it's a little more ***y, and a hell of a lot more twistedEmotion: smile Like haltya (finland) or Contra Coup (Australia) - or the more contraversially (spelling??) named "Texas Faggot" (also from Finland).

Oh and for people who don't like electronic music so much, i highly recommend "hidria Space Folk" - it's more like psychedelic rock mixed with trance - kind of like pink floyd crossed with Red hot chili peppers crossed with Future sound of london heheheEmotion: smile

hope that helps!
Peter W many happy returns. How is the venerable Twenty three year old. Miss you. keep us all posted.
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