Can you think of sentences and expressions that have the word "time", e.g. Once upon a time?
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"All in a matter of time darling, all in a matter of time my dear" - ask my wife about that.
Time after time
From time to time
In good time
Once upon a time
In one's own time
Make good/bad time
Have a good/bad time
For the time being
Time honoured
... oops I'm out of time ..
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Thanks so much, I know that you are always running out of time. Time is money, isn't it?
LOL Good one maj!
You caught me just in time!
In time for what?
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In time for me to read your post before I went out to buy coffee. mmmmm This instant coffee is made by some Brazillian growers!
It's high time you gave me a hint!
A hint of/about what Maj? It's about time you told me.
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