As the clock struck the twelfth hour of midnight on December 31st, 2001, there was a bizarre feeling in my heart. My heartbeat increased its pace to the pace of the seconds’ hand on the face of the clock. There was a lot of noise all around. The shouts of “Happy New Year” were reverberating in the air. I believe, except for me everyone was happy and joyful. I suddenly assimilated the significance of time in our lives! Time once gone can not be brought back.

It is a very known fact that all of us waste a lot of time in unnecessary things of life. We, if not more, waste atleast four hours of each day, in this. There are some people who waste their time in gossiping and some in just lazing around and still some just wander around aimlessly. Well, could we not utilize this kind wasted time in something more useful? I think we can. But none of us give as much as a thought to Time management.

Now do not get me wrong. I am not trying to preach. Hey, did u ever set your eyes on these lines? -“There is a time for everything and everyone and ours is here and now.” Well, so is it for me now.Am I wasting my time????????!!!!!
cute ~~~

sometimes time is nothing,but a boring thing which we are trying to kill .

we like fun time ,hate hard time, treasure busy time,oh, time is something ***le.

that because we are dealing with different cases.hahaha,right?

if you think what u are doing is worthwhile then you are not wasting your time.
Time management it is a good topic. I need sometime to write on this. I shall be in touch with you soon.
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This thread reminded me of something B. Russell said:

"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."

I agree with it. Do you?

after a long time coming back to this.. due to my bad time management.... but I didn't waste any time but was too busy..see the point?