Time relationships grammarI am a new EFL teacher without training. I did some volunteer work back in the so I learned how to teach some aspects of grammar but I still have some things I need help with.I have a grammar point in one of my books called time relationshipsThere are adverbial phrases: As soon as…, until…, whenever…, while…, after…, before…. While I know how to use these phrases as a native speaker, I don’t know about how I would teach them and I am having trouble thinking of rules. Could someone perhaps help me with this?Thank you
Aren't definitions enough?

"While" — two actions/processes happen simultaneously
"As soon as" — Too events occur at the same moment of time
"Until" — One actions is terminated by an event (start of another action, for example)
"After" — One action lies (on the time axis) to the left of some point (if a moment indicated) or the starting point of another action.
I'd suggest illustrating English tenses and time relations by means of a simple graphical notation: just draw a time axis and show everything thereon: a section would be a period of time (occupied by an action), a point — a moment of time. That's all!

As a non-native speaker who never had trouble with this matter, I am just wondering: What kind(s) of problem do your students have??
"as soon as" is used to express that one event happens immediately after another one not at the same time.
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...or end of one action triggers new action.