Yesterday i learned Research on ELT materials. Well, it so confused. When lecturer taught, i didnt understand what he mean. As you knew that i was six grades in my college but my English skills still didnt work. He offered to make a good proposal and it must be submitted next week. Aaarrgghh...!! YES! it was a DEADLINE!! i knew it ;'(. So, time was running. Then, i had to work hardly to find a good title, supported literature, and ofcourse my lucky. Emotion: big smile xxx

He was rejected my first title, so he gave me an opportunity to fix it. How should i said? was he a nice lecturer? or was he a worse lecturer? while i had to try to make it with hardly ;'( but that's his decision.

My friends said, "Eky, common.. dont give up!" and my head just nodding. He may wanted to flunk me, but thanks next i'll be 80.
Hello, eky - and welcome to English Forums. Nice story!
Hi Mister .. i'm sorry if my English is worse Emotion: big smile, really i'm learning, hopefully you will guide me, Thanks beforehand.