I'm in the crichton mood, so I though i could read this book as well

There's a group of archeologist working on a site in the south of France, the site comprises some ruined castles, a town and a monastery

They are working paid by an american firm, ITC, that wants the site reconstructed. ITC is a company that has developed a form of time travel, and wants to exploit it as a kind of cultural tourism. they can travel to the past, so they can reconstruct the site exactly.

The leader of the excavation is a professor called Johnson. He has some students working with him: Marek, Cris, Kate, Stern and others

Johnson has a discussion with the president of ITC and decides to travel to the USA. He travels to the past but disappears. The president of ITC wants some students to go to the past to rescue him. Marek, Cris,Kate and 2 members of the staff of ITC enter in the time machines and travel to France, to the year 1380, more or less

THe 2 members of ITC are quickly killed, and the 3 youngsters have to paas a lot of dangers to find the professor: they have to joust, be involved in love intrigues, fight sword combats to the death.. They find the professor and are about to return to the future, but MArek who is a history buff, prefers to stay there, but the rest return

THe survivors , and the staff of ITC, are angry at the president of ITC, so they send him to the past, where he dies victim of the plague

This is one of the best books I've ever read. Makes you realize how lucky we are to live in our modern society
yeah, i loved this book, too. but i think it wasnt his best book though. i think, maybe out of actuality, state of fear is the book with the better topic. and prey for example was in my opinion more tensing. have you read "next"? also a great book, but not his best
Excellent book. The movie didn't do it justice.
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never watched the movie but heard nothing good of it so far