Dear Teachers,

As a child we didn't learn our mother tongue by studying the fundamentals first i.e. Words, Sentences, Grammer etc.. In fact we learnt the language by mere listening. And we acheived the spoken capacity remarkably at the age of three and without even knowing grammatical aspects. How it happened?

But as a maturity man now, I could not attain the spoken capacity even after many years of learning English. So I request you to give your valued tips to attain fluency in spoken english.

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Read newspaper fully and loudly definately it will help lot .
thanks for u r sugesion
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
I know I'm replying to this almost 8 years after Emotion: embarrassed but your advise is so good. I'm a non native speaker who is probably at an intermediate level in speaking English and I want to do all that, as much as I can. Totally agree that it's about immersing yourself in the language.

Do you know of any websites that connect you with native speakers? I don't mind them been paid as long as they are good.