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The emergence of High Definition (HD) Media such as Blu-Ray has lead to the increased demand of High Definition Television sets in the commercial market. HD television sets are marketed with increased sizes and higher resolutions, which makes the video scaling process critical, specifically in the instance where a lower resolution video is being displayed.  

The Bilinear scaling process is commonly implemented within the CPU of Television Sets, as it provides an ideal balance between picture quality and processing requirement. However, 2 artifacts are evident in this method due to the averaging effect, Edge Halo and blurring.

Studied in this dissertation are practical additional filters with the primary aim of reducing the 2 artifacts in question. Filters studied in depth, is a newly developed non-linear filter adaptation of the algorithm to enhance the vibrancy of colours and edge enhancement techniques, in particular the Unsharp Mask Filter in an attempt to reduce the edge halo. The Unsharp Mask filter has perceived improvement in addition to the Bilinear Filter; however it does require approximately 60\% greater CPU resources.

In the process of evaluating the picture quality of videos and images which have previously been scaled, it is noticed that quantitative comparisons using mathematical techniques do not necessary relate to qualitative evaluations from individuals visual perception.

Your capitalization is a problem. Don't capitalize common nouns, like "Television Sets."
Filters studied in depth, : one is

however, it does require approximately 60\% greater CPU resources.

60\% (is that slash supposed to be there?)

KIND REGARDS ***! (I wouldn't put the asterisks and exclamation).

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