So i wished somebody a good trip by saying "bon voyage" and she said in response "Tips hat".
I have no idea what it means. Can someone please give an explanation? Emotion: smile

I think you didn't hear her correctly.


Tipping one's hat is usually considered as a gesture of greeting:

As not being a connoisseur of good manners I cannot say for sure, but

I can guess that this gesture may also denote gratitude, so instead of

answering "Merci!" one may just silently tip his or her hat and bow a little.

Even if this interpretation makes any sense, why this meaning was delivered

in such a strange form, "tips hat"? There is a smile (a glyph in a text) the text

representation or name of which is exactly "[tips hat]" or "[tips hat and winks]".

If a friend of yours is an Internet frequenter, he/she may use this smile's

appellations in regular real-life conversations. After all, some people regularly

use the abbreviation "LOL" in their writing, and the latter, I suppose, originally

was a name of a smile.

Anyway, I would not store my head with such slangy expressions. I'd better

answer something that would be easily understood be others, like "Thanks!" or

"Merci!" (or "Gracias!" as a last resort).