I was trying to translate a article title,it says 'a freeway is surrounding the city.it's green.it has a lots of chinese elecments all along the road.'

what I said above is not exact the word, but mostly it's the digest.

So I came up with

'Freeways - greening the city,steeped in culture'

Is that OK?

also I don't know where the word 'surrounding' should be putted in. without it ,it looks like something is missing.

would you please help me out here?
I'm not even clear on what is being translated as 'freeway'. Does that mean an express highway? In what way could a highway or roadway be green? And what is a 'Chinese element'? Billboard signs using Chinese characters? Chinese temples?

I would like you to explain the situation in more detail.
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sorry, I wasn't clear.

yes, a freeway is a express highway or a expressway.I don't know which is the right word.

'It's green' means that

in the side or middle of road,a lot of green plants have been cultivated.

'chinese elements' means that ,

for example ,on electric pole,maybe there are dragons painted on it,maybe chinses lantern hang on it. of course,Billboard signs including the traffic signs are using Chinese characters. ect..when you drive on this road ,you certainly knoow you are in china because of the atmosphere you sensed.

does this help?
Yes. But I am not sure whether you are looking for a better phrasing of these sentences-- 'A freeway is surrounding the city. It's green. It has a lots of Chinese elements all along the road.', which would be something like this--

A freeway loops around the city. Lots of greenery has been planted and there is a Chinese motif to the utility poles and all the other structures along the right-of-way.

Or a rephrasing of this slogan-- 'Freeways - greening the city,steeped in culture-- which would be something like this: 'Freeway green belt with a Chinese theme'.