I would like to know are there any grammatical differences using title case in US an UK english.

Also are there any differences using the em dash and the hyphen in US and UK english.

Thank you in advance.
Not much. The general principles apply in both forms.
That aspect of Word makes me crazy. I can't speak for UK English, but don't capitalize "and" and prepositions. Some style guides say to capitalize prepositions that are longer than five letters, or something crazy like that. I don't do that.
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Which one is correct or does it really matter?

Microsoft Word "Title Case" capitalizes every word, is it because of US English?
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A dash (sometimes referred to as an em dash) is not at all the same thing as a hyphen.

A hyphen (a short horizontal line with no spaces at either side) is used to join compound words (e.g. self-supporting), double-barreled names (Mr Smith-Jones) and to indicate the continuation of a word on the following line.

A dash is usually longer, with some space at either side; it is used sometimes as a pause before a further comment -- as you might otherwise use a colon or brackets.

Uncle Mort
Hi Uncle Mort,

Does this have something to do with using title case?

Did you want us to proofread what you posted?